#AtTheShows : Dior Homme Hiver 2016

Dior Homme AW16. What more can I say besides what has already been said by fashion writers more knowledgeable than I am?! I can at least start by talking about the experience.


The Impeccable Invitation to Dior Homme Hiver 2016

As I make my way to the venue, I witness scenes you come to expect at such events in this day and age of 15 minutes of fame of Fashion Blog X — men and women dressed to the nines striking poses in the middle of traffic hoping to catch the eye of a Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton.


Mr. Scott Schuman watches on at Dior Homme Hiver 2016

Once I get past the « hysteria » I enter Tennis Club de Paris a well known haunt amongst many brands showcasing their collections. Then I wait… The invite says 3PM so why hasn’t the show started yet I wonder?


Lights, camera, action at Dior Homme Hiver 2016

Then the lights go dim and the curtain in the middle of the runway slowly rises revealing an orchestra, sat in single file, playing a track from Koudlam’s Landsc Apes EP. Each member is impeccably dressed in a suit and tie with sneakers as you’d expect. As Assche explains: “The orchestra is a metaphor for what I do at Dior – using instruments from the past to do something contemporary.”


A perfectly orchestrated collection at Dior Homme Hiver 2016

Let’s talk about the clothes now shall we? Kris Van Assche was in top form as you’d expect. Slim (but not too slim) silhouettes; the usual fall colours: black, white, grey, burgundy, navy; and beautifully crafted menswear. Whether it was tuxedo’s given a playful twist with badges attached to the lapel or a crisp white shirt/black worn with (in Kanye West voice) leather jogging pants an an oversized coat. Assche once again displays his talent for effortlessly blending traditional tailoring with contemporary sportswear.


  • Christian Dior
    30 avenue Montaigne

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