Richard-Bridgman Richard-Bridgman

Richard Bridgman

'Language is wine upon the lips' - Virginia Woolf Brahms and Balenciaga, Darjeeling and Donatella. Meet me… by the bar at the Shangri-La.

Brian Brian

Brian Leavy

'Wild at heart'. A morning with Monocle, lunch on top of the Himalayas, a night at the Bulgari. Meet me... for a latté at Coutume Café.

olivier olivier
Publishing director

Olivier Billon

'Work hard, stay humble'. Burgundy whites and dark chocolate. Meet me... on the race track.

simple simple
Art Director

David Corti

'Life is short. Do what makes you happy.' Food. Design. Food. Fashion. Minimalism. Food. Meet me... on the Eurostar to/from London.

1743698_10200672338931005_1956581958_n 1743698_10200672338931005_1956581958_n
Contributing Editor

Lucian Lumperdean

'Gimme More'. Fashion, Politics, TV Series & Novels. Meet me... if you can!

474157_10151260403817976_1881983167_o 474157_10151260403817976_1881983167_o
Contributing Editor

Clément Robin

'Dandy with Dandruffs' Bow Ties and Chilled Beats Meet me... on Soundcloud

63735_768165283239932_1966553814906610707_n 63735_768165283239932_1966553814906610707_n
Contributing Editor

Llivane Lawson

'Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger' London and Paris. Fashion and Photography. Meet me... on Tumblr & Instagram.

Harvey Harvey
Contributing Editor

Harvey Ambomo

'Epicurean and Lifelong Wanderer'. Thierry Lasry sunnies and Paul Smith, Los Angeles and Francesco Smalto. Meet me ... in the bar at Le Silencio.

Melinee-Coret Melinee-Coret
Contributing Editor

Mélinée Coret

"Be realistic, demand the impossible." Spleen and Chasse-Spleen. Meet me... at your own risk!

Moheli-Rinaldi Moheli-Rinaldi

Mohéli Rinaldi

"You should never be afraid to become a piece of art" - Nicki Minaj. Ice coffee drinker, Instagram lover: an unexpected creative combo. Meet me...behind the camera.